Hyundai’s Truck Concept is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

At the Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai displayed some pretty great vehicles. One of our favorites was the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept truck. Watch the video below to hear all about it.

It's clear from the video that this vehicle is unlike any other. It has the base of a crossover, but with the open bed of a pickup. It is small enough to maneuver around the city, but still has enough room for 5 people and all of their gear. The Santa Cruz concept was designed for people who love adventure in both the city and out in nature. Its capability and efficiency make it perfect for whichever kind of drive you feel like taking. Here at Nemet Hyundai we are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that this vehicle goes into production.

If you need something to tide you over until more information about this concept is released, you are welcome to stop by our dealership here in Jamaica, NY. We will gladly show you our available new Hyundai models.


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