Hyundai Elantra earns rave reviews in 2015

Already one of the more popular models to be found within our Hyundai model lineup, our automaker has made some seriously awesome upgrades to the Elantra this year, and we have all of the details, and a new video on that model here for you below.



Beautiful looking, isn't that? Unique, fluidic design lines, and other stylish touches like LED lighting and custom rims give the model a very refined look. And as fun as the model appears to be, it truly is. Under the hood is a fun to drive 1.8liter, 4-cylinder engine which produces up to 38 highway miles per gallon in addition to its zippy 173 horsepower. Combine all this with a spacious, tech-filled interior, and we have quite the sedan model on our hands.


For more information on this, or another Hyundai model here in our Jamaica, NY area, visit our dealership soon.


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