Our Thoroughly Thrilling Two-Door: 2016 Nissan GT-R

Here at Nemet Nissan, we tend to recognize a good deal when we see one.

That's why, when we met the 2016 Nissan GT-R - a 550-horsepower souped-up sports coupe that starts at just over $100k - we knew right away that the Japanese automaker had a hit on its hands.  Find out just why that is by viewing the video below:

We could watch the GT-R run laps all darn day.  And that's thanks, in no small part, to its incredible engine.  We already alluded to the base, 550-horsepower model above.  What we didn't mention, however, is its bigger, brawnier brother, the top-tier Nismo model.

Propelled by a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6, the GT-R Nismo churns out an incredible 600 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque.  Absolutely not for the faint of heart, the Nismo will attack the asphalt with the ferocity of a feral feline.

For more information about this mind-blowing model, or to take the wheel of one, we invite you to swing by our Jamaica, NY showroom.  Our seasoned staff is available to address your every question regarding the glorious GT-R, or any other Nissan model within the current catalog.


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