Learn More About the Benefits of Leasing a Hyundai

A lot of buyers who come to our dealership choose financing loans to acquire their Hyundai model. But what if you're the type who likes to trade in their car every couple of years for a new one? Or what if you want to drive a Genesis but you can only afford a Sonata? The answer is simple: try leasing your car instead.

Leasing is a fantastic option for drivers who are aiming to pay less for their car overall, and those who change vehicles frequently. It all starts with how leases operate. Instead of paying for the overall MSRP, you're only paying for the depreciated value over the lease term. As for maintenance? In most instances, its covered under warranty.

Our finance center would happily answer any of your lingering questions about buying vs. leasing your next car. For more information on our lineup, contact our Hyundai dealership in Jamaica, NY with your queries.


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