Kia Sorento’s roomy interior boasts plenty of space for ultimate tailgating kit modification!

Here at Nemet Motors we've noticed a trend among a lot of our customers. Folks love to look under the hood of a vehicle they're considering, and imagine the possibilities. But while choosing a car based on engine specs alone may suit for some people, we've always found that it's not what's under the hood, but what's behind the tailgate that truly defines the capabilities of a vehicle.

Take, for example, the Kia Sorento, a competitive offering in the SUV segment. Now, no doubt this vehicle boasts the inspired performance that's always been a hallmark of Kia's vehicles, but it truly begins to shine once you open up the trunk. With a cargo capacity of 38.8 cubic-feet with the seats in place, up to a maximum of 73.5 cubic-feet with them folded down, the Kia Sorento brings plenty of space for whatever you'll need, and if you need any further proof, consider the fact that the folks in the video above were able to fit a full tailgating kit into the cargo area, complete with a grill and flatscreen TV!

With so much cargo space to offer in addition to Kia's extensive suite of features and technology, the possibilities with the Kia Sorento are nearly endless. So, if you'd like to enjoy a sporty SUV that still packs plenty of space for your family and your stuff, visit us at Nemet Motorsto test drive the Sorento today!

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