Keep Your Cool in Your Hyundai This Football Season

It's easy to let the NFL season take over your life for several months out of the year. So when your significant other plans a conflict on Sunday, cool off in your new 2017 Hyundai Elantra, instead of making a knee-jerk reaction, like this poor fan does. Take a look at this funny video by clicking on the play button, then head on over to our Jamaica, NY Hyundai dealership and find your perfect new Elantra.

Instead of having to say goodbye to your prized boat, maybe suggest that family plans occur on Saturday. Make that suggestion during your next trip in your Elantra, and you'll be able to talk sense to anybody, even if it involves keeping your Sunday football viewing on schedule. In your new Elantra, you'll find a welcome blend of sensible commuting and stunning style and innovative technology.

Test drive the new Elantra by coming over to Nemet Motors today and see what we have at our Hyundai dealership.


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