The Kia Forte Focuses on the Road Ahead When You Don’t

It's impossible for us to suggest you solely rely on your vehicle's safety systems to watch the road for you, but these are nice features to include. Available Autonomous Emergency Braking found in the new 2017 Kia Forte is one such feature, and when you find yourself thinking about anything else besides driving, you'll appreciate this system kicking in to prevent a crash. Press play to check it out, then visit our Jamaica, NY Kia dealership today.

If you dream of on-stage stardom, proceed with caution when cranking up your Forte's stunning audio system, since you just might slip off into a fantasy. Focus on what's important, and drive with confidence in your new Kia Forte, knowing it will look out for you in case your mind starts to wander.

Swing on over to Nemet Motors here in Jamaica and see if the new Forte is the right choice for you.


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