2016 was a Record-Setting Year for Nissan

The 2016 numbers are in, and once again Nissan has broken both an all-time record and a December record in sales.

According to nissannews.com, that record is now an annual total of 1,564,423 vehicles sold, and 152,743 sold in December.

Out of all the models, the Nissan Rogue was the most popular, selling over 329,000 units. This is just one example of the positive change felt by Nissan’s larger vehicles. In fact, they would go on to dominate 2016 up through the final month as crossovers, trucks and SUVs set an all-time record of 668,948 units sold. Among these is the Pathfinder SUV also set a December record with a 12 percent increase.

Time to set a new record for 2017, and if you’re thinking about it and have any questions about any of our inventory, don’t hesitate to contact us on our website.


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