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Kia Sorento’s roomy interior boasts plenty of space for ultimate tailgating kit modification!

Here at Nemet Motors we've noticed a trend among a lot of our customers. Folks love to look under the hood of a vehicle they're considering, and imagine the possibilities. But while choosing a car based on engine specs alone may suit for some people, we've always found that it's not what's under the hood, but what's behind the tailgate that truly defines the capabilities of a vehicle.

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Leap Year Means One More Day to Do the Things You Love!

There's something about living just outside of the city that makes us feel like we are perpetually busy and always short on time. Maybe it's the go-go-go attitude of New Yorkers, or the feeling that our world is moving at a million miles a minute; whatever the reason, it's a rarity that we actually feel like we can take a breath--let alone stop and smell the roses.

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The 2017 Hyundai Elantra Survives Ryanville

You can put away your phone, keep your passengers at bay and have your music playing at a modest volume, yet distractions are inevitable. Sometimes keeping your eyes glued to the road is incredibly hard to do, especially when driving through Ryanville.

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